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Hi! My name is Steven Del Col and I was born in NJ, went to school in Boston and currently reside in VT. 


I work as the Content Production Manager for INSCAPE where I dive into all things meditation and relaxation for our app audience across the world. 


In my spare time, I read the stars, tarot and oracle decks and just about any astrology book I can get my hands on. I’m propelled by a deep thirst for knowledge and a hunger for constant growth. I see the world through magical colored lenses because I believe life is what you make of it and I have decided to make this lifetime something worth while. I strive to see the magic in every moment - my morning cup of coffee, eye contact and occasional smiles with total strangers, everything from the most mundane to the grandest theatrics contain magic if you’re willing to find it. It is my mission to continue to find magic in the world, in myself and to help others find their own magic too.

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